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Please download these forms to complete at home. We understand that no one likes paperwork (we don't like paperwork either). We provide the forms online to make your visit to our office a little less complicated for you. Please don't forget to bring the forms with you when you come to the office for your visit.
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Surgery, Anesthesia and Hearing Loss

You’ve recently had surgery and noticed a change following the surgery.  You’re wondering if the two could be connected.  The answer is yes, a very rare but potentially disabling and little known side effect of anesthesia is hearing loss. Perioperative (before, during and after surgery) hearing loss is a rarely reported phenomenon. However, it occurs […]

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Will You be Able to Hear During an Emergency?

We take our ability to hear for granted.  But, when we encounter new and unfamiliar situations, that’s the time we really count on our ability to hear.  And there’s no more important time to make sure you can hear then when you are faced with an emergency situation. Most people with a hearing loss have […]

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Can Your Hearing Loss be Making You Tired?

You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.  But by mid-day the thought of speaking to one more person leaves you feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. If this sounds like you or someone you know and you or they have untreated hearing loss, there is a very real possibility that a hearing loss is […]

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Add a Hearing Test to Your Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Add a Hearing Test to Your Heart-Healthy Lifestyle From the Better Hearing Institute, Washington, DC The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is urging people to check their hearing for World Heart Day on September 29 in response to a growing body of research showing a link between cardiovascular and hearing health. Raymond Hull, PhD, professor of […]

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